Governors have agreed that as a matter of policy children should have a school uniform.  Uniform can be bought from School Trends:-




  • Emerald or gold – polo shirts

  • Emerald – cardigans, pullovers or sweatshirts

  • Grey or black – trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore dresses preferred to jeans

  • Emerald or gold and white gingham dresses

  • Sensible flat shoes must be worn as there are steps in school.


Could you please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Uniform Assistance 

 The school holds second-hand school uniforms in school for parents to access.  Parents are invited to donate their child’s uniform when they no longer need it. 


P.E. /Games

  • White T-shirt/black shorts for boys

  • White T-shirt/black shorts/black gym skirt or black leotard for girls

  • Football boots/trainers must be worn for outdoor games.  In wet weather children without appropriate footwear will not be allowed to take part in outdoor games lessons.


For reasons of basic health and hygiene it is important that all children have a change of clothes and footwear for games.  All indoor P.E. is done barefoot.


Children in Year 4 going swimming will require costume/trunks, towel and plastic bag to put them in afterwards.


Please ensure that all games/P.E./swimming kit is clearly marked with your child’s name.


Policy on the wearing of jewellery in school

We are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of jewellery being worn in school by both boys and girls, particularly body piercing.


The governing body discussed the issue in depth and came to the following decision:


The wearing of jewellery of any sort (including stud earrings) is strictly forbidden during games, P.E. and swimming lessons.  Any items worn will have to be removed before the lesson begins.


  • Pupils are not to be allowed to participate in any potentially hazardous activity, i.e. P.E., games or swimming for a period of six weeks after any body piercing takes place unless the jewellery is removed.  Taping of the jewellery is not sufficient in terms of both health and safety.

  • Pupils to be responsible for the removal and safe keeping of their jewellery.

  • Staff are not allowed to remove jewellery.

  • Other pupils cannot assist in removing the jewellery of other pupils.

  • If jewellery cannot be removed by the child then that child will be excluded from participating in the potentially hazardous activity but allowed passive involvement if possible.

  • Suggest that parents remove any relevant jewellery in the morning before a child comes to school when P.E. is on the timetable.

  • Suggest to parents that should they wish their child to have any body piercing that this is done at the beginning of the summer break.

  • Children are not allowed to wear rings in school.


Governors agreed that the wearing of a watch and possibly something small of a religious nature be allowed.  The Governing body stress that their prime concern, and that of the school, is the safety of it’s pupils and are following guidelines from the Health & Safety at Work Act and guidelines detailed in the DfE booklet entitled ‘Safe Practice in Physical Education’.


We understand the pleasure that the wearing of jewellery gives to children, particularly when it is new, but we consider the risks of accidents involving the wearing of jewellery are great when children are involved in the day to day activities of school life.


We would appreciate your support with this matter.  Thank you.



Valuables should not be brought to school, the school cannot be held responsible for valuable items misplaced.