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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Special Education Needs provision at Aston Fence is based on belief that all pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced education which will enable them to develop to their full potential.  It is recognised that some children will need extra help if this is to be achieved.


A staged approach to meeting the needs of the individual pupil operates and every effort is made to ensure that pupils and parents are involved at all stages.  Pupils who have been identified as having special educational needs and disabilities are placed on the SEND register, their work monitored and evaluated.


Mrs Rachel Jaouane is SEND co-ordinator and Miss Amy Richardson (Assistant SendCo) work closely with Mrs J. Green, Learning Support Service teacher (who comes into school on a regular basis), psychologists and external support agencies, as well as teaching staff within school.  There are also close links with the SEND co-ordinators at local secondary schools and their teams facilitate the transfer of pupils with SEND at the end of Year 6.


It is recognised that children of all ability levels may be in need of support sometime during their school life, from the very able to those who find learning difficult.  Although Mrs Jaouane, as SEND co-ordinator Miss Richardson as Assistant Send co-ordinator and Mrs Green as Learning Support Services teacher, do provide extra individual help to meet some children’s needs, all teachers are involved in the education of pupils with special educational needs.


Differentiation in all areas of the curriculum caters for the varying needs.


The Governing Body’s full SEND policy is available on the policies page.

Mrs Jaouane and Miss Richardson can be contacted via the school office telephone or email on 0114 2692688

Please click link to view Accessibility Plan 2022/24

Please click link to view our SEND Information Report 2024

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