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Mental Health Lead Responsibilities

Designated Mental Health Lead Responsibilities


  • To work alongside the headteacher to build clear working links with children and young people’s mental health services so that the school can refer to the NHS when appropriate.

  • To assist in the co-ordination of the school’s provision for young people’s mental health needs.

  • Oversee the mental health interventions that take place in school. In practice, this could mean supervising the delivery of CAMHS interventions within a school or college, while clinical responsibility for treatment and professional supervision is held by the NHS.

  • Give applicable members of staff the knowledge and skills they need to support children with emerging mental health issues. To work with all staff to ensure that the school takes both a reactionary and preventative approach when it comes to mental health.

  • Assess the outcome of interventions on pupils’ attainment and wellbeing using SDQ forms and teacher/ pupil and parent feedback.

  • To work alongside staff and families to ensure that the pupils receive mental health and well being support in both and preventative and reactive method.

Within school, the children, families and staff have access to a fully qualified play therapist and child counsellor.   Mrs Draycott, a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists) has attended a wide range of training which includes Child and Adolescent CBT and Mentalization Based Treatments with Children, Young People and Families.


Mrs Draycott provides the additional support that some of our children and families require in times of difficulty.  Whether this is to work alongside multi agency teams for external provision or within school.    

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