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Monitoring Attendance

Absence or lateness, for whatever reason, will adversely affect children’s education.  It is a legal obligation for children to attend school regularly and punctually.

  • We operate a first day call system for all absent children.

  • A phone message or text on 07494 245043 must state the reason for the absence.

  • Frequent or unexplained absence of more than three days will be reported to the Local Authority.

  • The registers are monitored regularly by the LA.

  • Please notify the class teacher or the school office of any medical or dental appointments, etc.


Punctuality and Attendance

We would be most grateful if children could arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before school starts.  No responsibility for accidents or injury will be accepted for incidents occurring before that time as safety cannot be assured.


Punctuality is of vital importance.  With the pace of teaching and learning, missing the first ten or fifteen minutes may set a child back for the whole day.


Similarly, please make every effort to ensure that your child attends school every day as missed days are extremely difficult to catch up with.



If a child is absent, then school has to be informed either by telephone, mobile or via email, otherwise your child’s absence will be deemed unauthorised.


Children’s Appointments

We cannot allow children to go home during school sessions without a parent or guardian.  We would also appreciate you letting us know if your child is going to be late, for example, because of medical or dental appointments.



If possible, a child’s medication should be administered outside the course of the school day.  However, for some children, it may be necessary for them to bring medication to school.  If the timing of the medication is essential during the course of the school day, it is essential that the smallest practicable dose should be brought to school.  Clear written instructions as to the name of the child, name of medication, the dosage and how it is to be given should be sent.  Glass containers are unsuitable to be carried by children.  The medication should be taken to the general office and children should report there for the medicine to be administered.  

If your child has an inhaler, please ensure that one is kept in school at all times.  Similarly, children who require an epipen must have two devices in school.  


We will contact parents of children who become unwell at school or have had an accident. If a child becomes unwell, it is the responsibility of parents to make arrangements for their child to be collected.  It is important, therefore, that school has access not only to home telephone numbers, but work numbers and other emergency contact numbers such as those of relatives, and that these are correct and up to date.   Please contact school should your circumstances or contact details change. 


Emergency Phone Numbers

Parents are asked to ensure that we have up to date information about the hours and places of work, telephone numbers and/or a contact person.  This information is very important in case children are taken ill or are involved in an accident.


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