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Vision Statement


Our vision for Aston Fence is one of high standards achieved through the creative nature of the curriculum offered to children, the sense of purpose, relevance and the excitement in learning to which children are constantly and consistently exposed.

We have a learning culture of high and realistic expectations of everyone, children and adults alike.


We believe that active participation in learning is crucial, engaging children as active participants in their learning, not simply recipients of knowledge.  Children are not seen as vessels to be filled. We provide opportunities for problem solving, creativity and independence in order to promote confidence and maturity.


There are many aspects of the educational process that we judge to be non negotiable, views that we hold with a passion about children’s education.


These include:

• A school ethos that provides love, care and security for all children, as without     those we do not believe children can learn to their full capacity;


• The richness and diversity of experiences both within and outside the  

  curriculum offer opportunities for success, independence and well  developed

  self esteem and confidence for all children;


• A primary education that is a long lasting, memorable and joyful experience for     children, something that they will look back on with affection  and deep regard     for its fun, its enjoyment and excitement, its experiences and the relationships

  that contributed to a real love of learning and  sense of satisfaction at personal



• The opportunity for every child to achieve their full potential, whatever their

  circumstances, by providing them with the foundations for future  learning and

  for success in life;


• High expectations of every child and their capacity to learn that leads to high

  standards of achievement by all children;


• High professional standards from all staff within the culture of  a learning



• A school that is genuinely child centred and child sensitive as an organisation,

  where fairness, compassion, humanity and tolerance abound,  and a school

  where inclusion is lived every moment of every day;


• A school that builds partnerships with families and the wider community


• A stimulating working environment that is fit for purpose for both children and



We have the courage, passion and conviction to establish what we believe is right and to maintain those characteristics in the education provided to the children whilst responding successfully to the accountability and expectations in relation to standards. It is a considerable challenge, but it is a realistic and achievable expectation. We believe that the children at Aston Fence deserve no less.



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