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Foundation Subjects

As well as the core subjects of English, maths and science, we also teach the Foundation Subjects.  The Foundations Subjects are:-






Physical Education



Design Technology

Religious Education




In each year group, we adopt a cross-curricular approach to learning and subjects are taught through an overarching topic each term.  Occasionally, as with RE, subjects may be taught discretely in order for them receive the focus they deserve rather than tenuous links being made.


Our curriculum is designed around a two-year cycle with all elements of the National Curriculum (2014) being taught within those two cycles.  The objectives are subdivided into key stage 1, lower key stage 2 and upper key stage 2 in order to ensure coverage and progression.  Each year, teaching staff then decide on three termly topics which encompass relevant objectives and ensure breadth and balance of all the subjects within the curriculum.


We believe that teaching objectives via a topic gives them relevance and interest. Children are also able to make links across different subjects and they know that their learning has both purpose and focus.  We also ensure that our planning and teaching encompasses horizontal links and progression within a year group as well as those that the children learn as they move to different year groups.


Although important, the National Curriculum is not the only educational experience that we offer to our children.  We aim to give them a much more rounded experience and a sense of their place in their locality and the wider world.  Within each topic, we teach a worldwide link and a global citizenship element in order to children to gain a greater perspective and understanding of the world in which they live.


Through all these cross-curricular areas we aim to ensure that we provide children with a caring, responsible and understanding attitude towards the world in which they live, their role in it and to the people with whom they will share it.  We spend a lot of time developing life skills and all children will experience a variety of activities so that they may develop the skills necessary to become successful members of society.


Our PSHE and RSE curriculum is specifically designed for pupils to develop an awareness and understanding of how our bodies and emotions change as we grow. Our policy is also aimed at raising self-esteem, developing skills of co-operation and independence and accepting responsibility.



Curriculum - parents and carers can find out more about our curriculum by reading our most recent Ofsted report and an additional report on high expectations in art, craft and design as part of a whole-school approach.

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