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We are very proud of our PSHE work.  We have a positive and active policy aimed at raising self-esteem, developing skills of co-operation and independence and accepting responsibility.  Children are encouraged and rewarded in a variety of ways and we always concentrate on the positive side of a child’s performance rather than the negative.  We constantly review our approach to this important aspect of a child’s development and your support is of vital importance.


We also have a school council, which meets on a regular basis, to discuss issues that arise through class council meetings.


Relationships Education


At Aston Fence Junior & Infant School, we believe that Relationships Education should promote the understanding of the importance of family life, as well as other stable and loving relationships based on respect, love and care. Our Relationships Education curriculum promotes positive relationships with others, and enables our children to understand and be ready for the emotional and physical changes ahead. We understand that this curriculum complements parents’ role as the prime educators in this area and we will build on discussions at home to reinforce key messages. We will deliver this curriculum in an age and developmentally appropriate manner and will deal with challenging issues sensitively and with care, encouraging discussion and giving pupils space and time to share their worries and explore any questions they may have.


The elements of our RE curriculum will focus on:-


*Developing an understanding of and respect for difference whilst allowing children to  explore their rights and responsibilities.

*How to keep healthy and safe (both online and in the real world).

*Developing an awareness of changes both to the body and the emotions which puberty brings.

*How to develop positive mental health and how to get help if needed.


A copy of our Relationships & Health Education Policy can be found under the policies section of our website.

Please click here for the PSHE Scheme of Work.

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