Social Emotional Mental Health

At Aston Fence we recognise the complex nature of the Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs and the provision that some children and families might need during their time at our school. 

We employ a qualified member of staff (Child Counsellor), who when needed, can provide individual and/or group sessions for children.  These can often help with SEMH.  They are currently timetabled during the afternoon sessions each week.

Sometimes children are unable to vocalise what may be causing them worries or anxiety because they do not have the linguistic skills to do so and this can become frustrating and worrying for them.  Working together with the families we are able to provide support for both children and their families and carers when needed.

Support may include listening, talking interventions or non-directive child led sessions such as Play Therapy.  Sessions offered are individually adapted to meet the needs of the child or children and delivered using a variety of play and creative activities.  In therapy children have the opportunity to process some of the things that may be troubling them in a safe and confidential environment.  By using these creative mediums, children are given opportunities to express their feelings without having to find words which may be unfamiliar to them.